Finger Fish Tasty Frozen Food

Finger Fish

Finger Fish a tasty frozen food, actually famous as “fish sticks”. It is a light food that is especially popular in the winter. Actually, it is a processed food made using white fish. Certainly, it is a good meal for light foods during the winter season. In fact, it will give you a unique taste if you use it with sauce. Finger Fish is available as frozen food in market. Many companies are providing finger fish as frozen food product but Orange Foods Expert one of the best among them.

Nutritional Facts of Finger Fish

It contains 249 calories per 100 grams. Finger fish contains 13 g fat in which 2.8 g is saturated and 0.9 g is trans fat regulation. There is 28 mg cholesterol, 421 mg sodium and 216 mg potassium in finger fish 100 grams serving. 1.4 g dietary fiber, 2.5 g sugar and 21 g carbohydrates are present in finger fish. There is 11 g protein is in the 100 g of finger fish. Finally, it contains 0 % vitamin C, 5 % vitamin B6, 7 % magnesium, 5 % iron, 2 % calcium, 3 % vitamin D and 21 % cobalamin which is responsible for muscle strength. Certainly finger fish is a best diet for health living.

Finger Fish in Frozen Foods

Now a days, finger fish is available as frozen food. Many frozen foods stores are providing this tasty snack in frozen form. In frozen form actually we say it ready-to-cook. Sometimes, in frozen form it is called as ready to eat. There are many frozen foods suppliers are in Pakistani frozen foods industry. But Orange Foods Expert is on of the best frozen foods manufacturer in Pakistan. Finger Fish from Orange Foods Expert is famous due to its unique taste.

Preparation of finger fish

Orange Foods Expert prepares finger fish from fresh white meat of fish. We use white meat of fish like cod, hake, haddock, sharks or pollock which we get from rivers. Then, we buttered r breaded these fish meat. To clarify that, why the taste of fish is to much delicious. Reason is that, we use a blend of aromatic spices to prepare finger fish. While performing all these steps we highly follow the hygienic rules and regulations.


In conclusion, I want to inform you that Orange Foods Expert is a best frozen foods supplier, manufacturer and store in Pakistani food industry. Firstly, you can believe on us regarding rates, quality and standards. Secondly, we provide best quality finger fish in form of frozen food which is ready to cook. So, why are you late? Hit the order now button and have finger fish on your doorstep.

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